Week 73 (Lower South Diffusion Pattern)

Because of the Memorial Day holiday, work did not begin this week until Tuesday.  And it started with a burst of progress: 112 blocks were laid on Tuesday, dramatically changing the view as one approaches the site:


Moreover, several of the blocks needed complex cuts to finish off the shear wall.  Here’s the view from the other side:


The fact that the shear wall stops at 10′-8″ means that progress will further accelerate because we’ll need to make fewer cuts on the way up, and we’ll need less grout, which is also time-consuming to the process.  Here’s the full view of the back side:


A big bite out of the mortar pile is evident:


Less evident, but equally real, are the nibbles we are taking from the steel pile:


Step by step, the pattern begins to emerge:


Meanwhile, the grouting of the East Wall takes its bite out of the ground sand and gravel:


A bunch of steel dowels are made for the RPG blocks:


And more blocks make more of the pattern:


And that’s where we ended, letting the mortar cure for a grouting next week.  Hopefully we’ll have continued good weather and thus lots to report in our next update.

Author: Michael Tiemann

Open source pioneer. Red Hat Executive. UNCSA Trustee. Ninja.

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