Week 76 (First blocks of the 31st course)

Well, I didn’t see that coming…we lost two full days to weather, and yet the West saw the placement of the first few blocks of the 31st course.  Though the other main walls have a long way to go to catch up, seeing one wall attain this height makes for a real sense of progress.  But to get there, first the scaffolding had to go up.

Last week we saw the scaffolding lying in the grass:

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Week 75 (The 24th Course)

This week was a major consolidation week, bringing the South and West walls all the way up to the 24th course (16′ above slab level).  The East wall, which used to be our tallest wall, lags two courses below that, and our North Wall lags another two courses lower still.  Here was our condition at the start of the week, with the West wall growing up from the 16th course:


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Week 74 (Lower North Diffusion Pattern)

This week we finished up the lower diffusion pattern on the South wall and then brought the North Wall even to that level.  Compared to the average progress of the last month, the blocks are now positively flying up into position.

From 10′ up on the scaffolding, here’s the pattern on the South wall:


In addition to finishing the pattern, we also grouted up to the 18th course, adding another 24 sticks of #5 rebar:

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