Week 183 (Lighting Up the Trion)

Time for some fun!  This week we got the wiring in the Annex to the point where we could turn on our Harrison Trion console:

As you can see, we have not quite tidied up the Annex Control Room.  But with only six PSU cables to plug into the wall and a single CAT6 cable to plug into the Console, it’s pretty easy to turn on, turn off, and move into position when we get our painted floor plates next week.

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Week 182 (Pergola Progress)

Ten months ago we poured the concrete footings for our Pergola.  Four months ago we had our cypress and steel orders in.  Over the next 6 weeks we finished the cypress with several layers of UV-resistant varnish and we galvanized the steel posts and flitch.  Six weeks ago we received the finished cypress boards, and five weeks ago, we swung the steel into position.

From the site’s perspective, we’ve gone from this:

To this:

The good news is that there’s a good chance that next week we’ll have the other half up!

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Week 177 (Starting the Pergola)

Last week’s post reported that construction was gearing up for the final push.  This week we are pushing hard.  A final (?) visit from the crane delivered the last major pieces of steel to be installed, a pair of pre-welded hexagonal steel columns each connected by a pre-welded flitch plate across the top:

Here is a detail of the steel showing a column marking “C” (of A, B, C, and D) welded into the flitch plate: Continue reading “Week 177 (Starting the Pergola)”