Week 62 (Reaching the 12th course)

As the blocks go up, the difference between the 12th and the 10th course don’t look quite as dramatic as the difference between the 0th and the 1st course or the difference between the 2nd course and the 4th.  But there are differences, some which can be seen, and some which must be discovered.

For example, after the 11th course had been completely the outer wythe needed to be grouted to continue the concrete fill down to the last grouted level (which I believe was just below the 8th course).  The grout did use up some of our sand pile:

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Week 61 (Snow, and the 11th course)

When March rolls around in North Carolina there are two things you come to expect: basketball and beautiful spring weather.  The UNC Tar Heels met expectations, landing at the top of the ACC rankings.  But the weather was a bit less predictable, with sub-freezing temperatures and 3-5 inches of snow:


It was beautiful, but not very helpful to the schedule.

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