A new website

In case you have only been reading the blog and not visiting the website, I have news for you: the website has been fully refreshed.

Big thanks go to Wes Lachot, who showed me a preview of his new website and got my imagination all fired up.  His website uses flash, which I continue to eschew, but his design was so compelling that I had to figure out how to implement it without resorting to flash.  I studied CSS, discovered a few tricks, and am pretty happy with the results.

All of the images are newly rendered, and the 3d walkthrough has also been updated.

Happy surfing!

Week 56 (Starting the inner wythe)

I’ve been too busy to keep my blog postings in order.  I hope to get around to writing about Weeks 54 and 55 before I forget everything, but that’s not looking likely, alas.

Here’s the progress of Week 56: the laying up of the inner wythe.  I have selected a series of photos showing the various stages of the blocks being laid into the mortar, then the mortar being cleaned flush with the block, then the final raked blocks.  Here’s the series:

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Week 53 (From down to up)

Pat Metheny - The Way Up Though it was only scheduled to take six months, the digging, building, filling, and finishing the foundation took pretty much the whole of 2008.  That’s a long time to spend on the down part of the project.  For 2009, we’ll be doing the up part of the project: cutting and stacking blocks to make the walls, building a roof, laying in doors and windows, and, if all goes well, moving in some serious acoustic materials and audio equipment.  I can’t wait!

(The image to the left is not a construction photo.  It’s a whimsical reference to Pat Metheny’s album The Way Up, which I happen to like very much, and which, having selected the theme of this blog posting, makes a great musical background track.  And if you like it, check out the NPR interviews of March 7 2005 and March 29 2005.)

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