Week 50 (Pouring the slab, part 2)

The second pour was scheduled to coincide with a predicted sudden and short freeze the week after our first pour.  After three days of light rain and warm (for December) temperatures in the 50s and 60s (Fahrenheit), the temperature at dawn on Monday was a frigid 20F, and would not break freezing until the afternoon.  The colder the weather the stronger the cure; moreover, the sky was predicted to be clear—also best for concrete—so we waited, again.  Here’s some totally cool ice formations we found when we got there:

iceform1.jpg iceform2.jpg

Yes, they looked and felt just like blades of grass…made of ice!

The trucks set up quite early and were already pouring when we arrived:

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Music Think Tank confirms Miraverse business model

A new blog posting For the fans, by the fans… is yet another validation of the Miraverse business model.  For those keeping track, this adds to Peter Gabriel’s validation, George Massenburg’s validation, and others.

If others are doing this, or thinking about doing this, please get in touch!  The biggest business buzz kill is not competition–it’s lack of experience and poor execution.  Let’s get it right together, and then make it big.

WUNC highlights the creative importance of the Public Domain

WUNC is a fantastic resource for all manner of news and analysis, and I’m not just talking about the excellent NPR programming they carry.

The State of Things is one of North Carolina’s local treasures—valuable because it uncovers daily the local treasures of our state.  Professor Jamie Boyle is one of the great thinkers, writers, and speakers about the topic of copyright, culture, and the Public Domain.  Here’s the blurb for today’s show:

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Week 47 (Completion of slab rebar and mesh)

Progress seems to be accelerating now.  In one week we saw:

  • The completion of the installation of more than a mile of slab rebar
  • The installation of 6″ wire mesh covering the entire rebar’d area
  •  The beginning of the installation of more than a mile of pex conduit

Here’s the representative progress picture:

Read on to see more progress pictures:

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