Week 155 (Console Trough 2.0)

When Wes Lachot first put pencil to paper to design Manifold Recording, he’d always imagined I’d have an API Vision console in the main control room, and he design the scale of that room accordingly.  More than a year after that, and nearly two years ago to this date, and still somewhat undecided on our choice of console, we made an educated guess as to where and how large a trough we should reserve in the control room slab:

We then compared the field measurements with the dimensions of an API Legacy Plus that I was planning to buy:

got the form built and the concrete poured:

and that was that…until a console plot from API showed us how much more space would be required as we increased our channel count from 48 to 64 and our console frame from the Legacy Plus to the Vision:

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Week 154 (Sanding the Music Room Floor)

In some ways, the progress this week has been lots of small things.  But in another, progress has definitely been made on one very large thing: the Music Room floor is no longer a staging area for other work, but an object of work itself.

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of last week…

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Week 153 (Final Tech Wire Pull)

There has been some visible progress on the project this past week, but the most important (even if it is the least visible) was the successful completion of the last technical wiring pull.  For months we’ve been stymied by a break somewhere in a 4″ conduit between the Main and Annex buildings, but now we are through:

Those wires coming out of the middle hole are the ones we have been waiting for: 30 strands of OM-3 fiber, 16 strands of RG-6, 4 strands of SMPTE 311M, and 4 (?) CAT6 cables complete the infrastructure connections of our design.  Now the terminations can begin…

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Week 152 (One Step Back)

Sometimes, in order to make progress, one must take a step backward.  Or three.  This past week was mostly one of remediation.

First up was the reconstruction of one of the soffits in the Music Room. If you look very, very closely at this image, you might see the problem (hint, its not lens distortion–the mortar joints are straight and true):

If not, here’s a clue:

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Week 151 (Construction of the Walling)

Two months ago, the completion of the Music Room Cloud gave me the opportunity to take a step back from basic progress reports and to talk more broadly about the aesthetics and architecture of the project, in particular the way that large features of the studio design fit together into an integrated whole.  That was a very popular post, and it circulated widely among designers and architects, geometers and algebraic topologists, as well as studio cats and studio rats.  Now it is time to focus on the other jewel of the main studio, the Control Room, and the way that smaller features fit together into an equally integrated whole.

Front and center is one of the hallmarks of Wes Lachot’s RFZ design, a hybridization of wall and ceiling that Wes calls a Walling:

Manifold are the layers of acoustic and aesthetic wonders that trace its wonderful seven-sided symmetry…

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