“Dear Governor Cuomo” wins at Wild and Scenic® Film Festival

We are so happy that the film “Dear Governor Cuomo” won the top prize for its treatment of climate change at the Wild and Scenic® Film Festival, we put out a press release:

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A global audience

UPDATED 5/15/2013 — We have been visited by Greenland!

WordPress has a new stats widget which tells me not only how many visitors are coming to the website on a daily basis, and what they are reading, but also where they are coming from.  This is a relatively new feature, and one which as yet does not allow me to automatically share these interesting statistics.  But I have been reading them with increasing interest, not least because I am not used to seeing flags from so many countries.  Here’s a list of the flags and hits we have received on a per-country basis in less than 18 months:

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