Week 115 (Progress in Utility Room)

We had a gorgeous week weather-wise, and progress has continued across all aspects of the project.  The following photo of our radiant heating manifold shows why I’m choosing to highlight the Utility Room progress this week:


Here is that manifold in a bit more context:

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Week 114 (Sheetrock in Music Room)

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been under construction for more than two years without cutting, installing, or taping a single sheet of sheetrock, but it’s true. Last week we took delivery of 10 tons of sheetrock and this week it started going up:


This week also saw some of the most intense work thus far, filling the parking lot with over 20 cars on some days, but I’m going to give the newest crew their due and talk first about the sheetrock…

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Week 113 (New Perimeter Footings)

Despite yet another snowfall and two more days of rain, we finished (or nearly finished) a slew of milestones this week.  We finished preparing the Music Room ceiling so that it can accept our acoustic ceiling.  We basically finished framing and sheathing the Annex roof.  We blew in the tons of insulation required in the roof rafters and ceiling joists in the Booths and the Music Room.  We finished framing the Booth walls with staggered studs and resilient channel.  And we almost finished the masonry for the Loggia.

But the stage has also been set for starting some new major work: building the cypress soffits for the lower roofs of both the Main and Annex buildings, hanging drywall throughout the Main building (and later the Annex), and the major project that defines this week’s title: the perimeter footings that will underlie our landscaping walls, equipment corrals, and the various patios that extend from and between the buildings.  Here, in a fisheye view, you can see how the footings define the future outline of the patio in front of the Loggia:


But this photo of a newly scraped site barely scratches the surface of everything that’s happened this past week…

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