Week 89 (Control Room Masonry Completed)

It took about eight months to get the Music Room masonry done from start to finish.  It took about 2 weeks to do the same for the principal Booth walls and another 2 weeks to completely finish the masonry portion of the Control Room.  Wow!


But that’s not the only progress this week…

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Week 88 (Glass Block Installed)

There are many facets to this studio construction project, and all are important, but one small one that’s always been a special milestone to me has been the installation of the glass block in the control room.  That happened this week…


But let’s start from the beginning of the week and then I’ll come back to explain what the above photo shows…

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Week 87 (Music Room Air Handler)

We had a short week due to weather, and we continued to suffer some slowdowns in our roof and ceiling work because of continued challenges with respect to our HVAC requirements, but by the end of the week, progress was again very visible, with very large air handling equipment now crowning our ceiling:


Next week we’ll create the labyrinth of ductwork that will send air in one direction while tricking the sound to follow other pathways (so as to deliver less noise to the recording environment).  The whole system design is quite difficult because:

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