Colin Broad makes me happy

It was over a year ago when Ben Loftis told me “I think you’re going to need a box from Colin Broad”.  I vaguely remember looking up the name, seeing the boxes, and thinking “OK…when I’m a little closer to building out the studio I’ll have to see what’s current and what I need.”  Well, we’re starting to gear up our equipment lists, rack elevations, and wiring lists, and so it seemed like a good time to reach out to Colin and see whether his latest products suited my project.

In a word: perfectly!

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Week 108 (Lower Roof Shingling and Booth Windows)

This week there was a lot of visible progress, both inside and out.  On Monday morning the roofing crew arrived, and on this truck you can see some of the very special equipment and materials that will be used to finish up the lower roof (and later the upper roof, too), a spool of copper flashing and a sheet metal brake:


The copper flashing is unspooled:


And is then formed into the appropriate shape for the roof:

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Week 105 (Control Roof Rafters Placed)

Two weeks ago I posted a construction update titled Dropping the Hips, which marked the most significant progress point yet reached in terms of framing the Control Room roof.  This week we reached another significant progress point: the placement of all roof rafters.  We are now all set to sheath the roof next week:


Now for those who want to know the blow-by-blow of how we got here, read on…

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Week 104 (Finishing Annex Masonry)

The last few construction updates have focused on the framing of the Control Room roof with the Annex masonry work visible in the background.  This week the Annex masonry takes center stage, with the completion of the top bond beam.  If you’ve been following the blog, you know why this is such a major event.  If not, refresh your knowledge with the postings from Week 81, Week 82, and Week 83.  (And if you want a really complete refresher, Week 86 and Week 89.)  The bond beam in question this week is the longest one of the project, and with some deep pilasters also to fill, there’s 25 tons (!) of materials to lift into place.  Let’s start!

Here is the last gap in the blocks to be filled before the bond beam can be established:


And here are the 100 bags of concrete which will combine with 8 tons of gravel, 12 tons of sand, and a ton or so of water to make our 25 tons of grout:

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Another sane voice against sheer loudness

I came across Jerry Tubb’s website, which not only lists an impressive number of 5.1 surround credits, but also an encouraging statement against the Loudness Wars, quoting the full text of  Joe Gross’s Everything Louder than Everything Else.

Here’s the excerpt that explains the phenomenon (for those not yet familiar with the term):

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