Week 45 (Locked Down in Cement)

OK…so I was a little optimistic about pouring the slab this week.  We are getting closer, having filled the foundation up to minus eight inches, but we still have to lay down the in-floor radiant heating pipes, which is the last layer before the top of the slab.  There are many ways to measure the progress since last week.  One is to consider how much smaller the pile of gravel has become:

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Week 44 (New Gravel Layer)

We got a large truckload of gravel delivered this week, seen here in two large piles:


Not very exciting, I know, but it is progress.  There has also been a lot more progress on the mechanical conduit layer, with manifold inputs taking their place in the blocks in Booth A:


And one of the bathrooms:

And I found out what the green spraypaint on the blocks means…

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Scott Simon gets the truth from Terrence Howard

Check out this quote that Scott Simon gets from his interview with Terrence Howard on October 18, 2008.

When I first started acting, I thought it was about the best liar.  I thought the best liar was the best actor. But it’s the best truth-teller. To find the truth on those pages of black and white and to believe in it so much. It has to be honest; it has to be truthful.

Didn’t Wynton Marsalis just say the same thing about Jazz?  Remarkable…

Changing kids' lives through jazz

 I never thought I’d be giving a shout out to CNN from this blog, but the article they wrote about Wynton Marsalis and his musical ministry was exceptional.

The story begins “Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis knows how important education is for youth, but what feeds their minds and souls, he says, often lies beyond traditional classroom walls.”  Amen!

Growing up in New York City, I had always taken the City’s icons as givens, as if Tiffany’s, or The Metropolitan Opera, or the Empire State Building had always been a part of the city, because they were all part of the city by the time I became aware of them.  When Wynton Marsalis co-founded Jazz at Lincoln Center, he changed the architectural, musical, and cultural landscape of the city, thereby also changing the fixed points of reference that I had presumed were immutable since I was a boy.  Something really new in New York?  Amazing! Continue reading “Changing kids' lives through jazz”

Week 43 (Final (?) Conduit Photos)

My General Contractor called me this week to tell me that we needed to do a final walk-around this weekend because we’re about to submit for inspections before pouring the slab.  At this point I’ve kinda resigned to the view that “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but there are some last-minute changes that the very interested may wish to see.

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Why Dissonance is the new Harmony (a lesson in Authenticity)

I’ve always had a soft spot for Youth Radio on NPR, but What’s is the new What? has taken that affection to a whole new level.  The story Dissonance is the new Harmony prompted me to set a bookmark that day and commit to blog it when I had the chance.  Now I have the chance…

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