Week 44 (New Gravel Layer)

We got a large truckload of gravel delivered this week, seen here in two large piles:


Not very exciting, I know, but it is progress.  There has also been a lot more progress on the mechanical conduit layer, with manifold inputs taking their place in the blocks in Booth A:


And one of the bathrooms:

And I found out what the green spraypaint on the blocks means…

It means “to be knocked out for more manifold feeders”, as seen in these views of the Utility Room:


And the Audio eQuipment Room:

Later in the week one of the large gravel piles was moved and tamped into most of the studio slab area:


And looking in the other direction:


Finally, some shots of what will become the slab for the Loggia:

loggiaslabprep1.jpg loggiaslabprep2.jpg loggiaslabprepdetail.jpg loggiaslabprepcorner.jpg

We found a few errors and omissions in our final pre-slab-pouring walkthrough that will be corrected next week.  If we are lucky, the slab will be poured before American Thanksgiving.  Won’t that be something to be thankful for?

Author: Michael Tiemann

Open source pioneer. Red Hat Executive. UNCSA Trustee. Ninja.

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