Week 142 (Music Room Cloud)

At long last the acoustic cloud in the Music Room has been completed!  With 60 panels totaling very nearly 900 sq ft (nearly 1800 sq ft of active acoustic performance since both sides are used), it is a thing of beauty to behold:

But if you look more deeply, many more layers of beauty await…

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Week 141 (Music Room Cloud, Part 2)

This past week we passed a critical ceiling/electrical inspection, enabling us to connect power to our Music Room Cloud:

It’s always good to test that the lights work in daylight so that if there’s a problem, there’s enough light to fix it.  But the real test–the test that tells you whether the lighting program is actually doing its job is the test run at night:

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Week 140 (Annex Soffit Framing)

In the Annex Control Room the carpenters have cut and installed the subfascia for the rear soffit.  Here you can see one of them putting up the decking on top:

And here are a variety of perspectives to try to show what this curvature really looks like:

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Week 139 (Music Room Cloud, Part 1)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I’m feeling a bit lazy, so I will start off with some photos showing approximately 20% of the Music Room cloud, the Southwestern section:

The same, from a slightly different perspective:

And if those two don’t do it, perhaps this one will:

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