Week 95 (Annex Conduits)

Work continues on the roof, the ductwork, the masonry, and even the plans, but the most visible feature of this past week’s progress has been the continued work on the Annex Conduits, specifically the electrical conduits.  Last week saw the final placement of the technical conduits, locking them in cement, and filling the Annex foundation with gravel.  Here’s where things started on Monday, with fresh lines demarking the boundaries of the Annex Control Room (click on the image to see a highlighted version):


And then the disturbance begins…

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Week 94 (Drying In, Part 1)

The framing process reached a major milestone this week, with the foreman telling me that we are now drying in the Music Room roof.  Hallelujah!  But that was merely the tip of the iceberg, progress-wise, as we enjoyed five days of ideal weather, and the site was humming with dozens of workers every day.  In five days we:

  • Clad and protected most of the Music Room roof
  • Framed, clad, and protected most of the Booth (North) Roof
  • Finished laying the Annex technical wiring conduits
  • Locked the Annex conduits in concrete (4 yards worth)
  • Filled the Annex foundation with stone and packed it down
  • Finished most of the Music Room duct work
  • Pointed the exterior masonry corners
  • Sealed the Control Room foundation blocks
  • Located equipment corrals and slab outlines
  • Located exterior soffit lights
  • and made numerous other design and construction decisions that will become visible in the coming weeks

There is no single picture that adequately summarizes all of this progress, but this one shows a good bit:


For more details, read on:

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Week 92 (Booths: Masonry Completed/Roof Framing Begins)

There has been much progress in many areas since my latest construction blog posting, but clearly the establishment of the major structural members of the roof over the booths must be the headline.  Here you can see several such structural members, two hips and a bit of the top plate (which is effectively the top ridge of the roof as well):


But there is much more progress to report, as you will see…

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Copyright v. Culture: Music Think Tank Followup

After posting Copyright v. Culture last month, Bruce Warila contacted me about re-publishing the article on his site, Music Think Tank.  I agreed to do so, and was pleasantly surprised to see 10 comments within a week.  That, and having made some more progress on The Glenn Gould Reader (edited by Tim Page), compelled me to write a followup to the article, which I reproduce here:

To the question “doesn’t culture primarily advance through people creating new works, as opposed to recycling old ones?” I would say the answer is beyond my ability to answer in a perfectly factual manner.  Since we’re talking about Gould, perhaps his perspective on the matter could be enlightening.  The article in question (from The Glenn Gould Reader, edited by Tim Page) is “Strauss and the Electronic Future”, and he writes:

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