Week 136 (Trough Drain, Part 2)

The trough drain and the Patio diamonds started to become one this week:

The patio diamonds on the right are hard up against the drain’s right hand side, and the masons are preparing the rebar for the pour on Monday that will establish the patio to the left of the trough drain.

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Week 135 (Trough Drain, Part 1)

“Water cannot be controlled, but it can be trained”

We start this week with some of the wisdom given to me by our construction foreman.  Thankfully, I have never experienced the devastating impact of a flood first-hand, but I have seen the consequences of ignoring the cumulative impact that water can have on an otherwise well-designed and well-kept property.  For this reason, I opted to be extra-careful in addressing potential drainage issues at every step of this project.   By addressing the inclinations of water up-front, we seek to train it to travel where we’d prefer, rather than trying to control its flow post hoc.  And central to that plan is our central drainage strategy: the trough drain that runs between the two buildings:

Since the patio between the two buildings is level along the length of the two walls, the drain is progressive, so that water falls from the patio out into the field.  Here’s a reverse angle that shows how much deeper the drain gets along its length:

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