Week 137 (Trough Drain, Part 3)

The work this past week fit into the category “more of the same”, with three new concrete pours connecting with the trough drain.  Here’s where we stand right now:

And here’s another perspective:

While that’s been happening outside, work is now happening in both the Annex Lounge and the Control Room.  In the Lounge, the ceiling is being framed, which began with the installation of top plates to connect the soffits to the rafters:

Over in front of the windows you can see the top plate holding much shorter studs to hold the soffit up:

And in the kitchen you can see that we’ve now got some separation between the kitchen wall and the bathroom wall:

Over in the Control Room, the returns have been entombed in the soffit:

And the supply ducts have been installed into the “walling” (the 45° bass trap that’s halfway between a wall and a ceiling):

I look forward to seeing some new crews tackling some new elements of the studio next week.  I’ll report more news when it comes…

Author: Michael Tiemann

Open source pioneer. Red Hat Executive. UNCSA Trustee. Ninja.

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