Week 120 (Control Room Framing, Part 3)

As I explained in last week’s update, the angles in any control room are unlike any angles one expects to find in normal framing carpentry.  And our Control Room design has more interesting angles than most.  This week we established the endpoints of the most unique framing in the project, the intersection of a sloped front wall meeting angled side walls that both intersect a ceiling that is itself both pitched and rotated.  There is no steel square in the world that tells you how to measure or make those cuts.  In fact, even locating where in space these different planes all intersect is a math problem unto itself.  Here is the solution given in wood:


To learn how we figured this out (and about more construction progress), read on…

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Week 118 (Control Room Framing, Part 1)

Three years ago I decided to embark on my first from-the-ground-up construction project: an ideal space for recording, mixing, producing, and experiencing music.  This is what the space looked like at about that time:

Two years ago, the Control Room was just an outline of some concrete blocks surrounding some dirt and conduits:

One year ago the Control Room remained a concrete outline while the East and West walls of the Music Room rose to the 14th course:

Six months ago the Control Room masonry was finished:

Three months ago the Control Room rafters were placed:

This month—this week—the framing of the Control Room finally began!


With so much preparation and anticipation, you can be sure we want to do it right!  We are off to a very good start…

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Week 117 (Loggia Roof Wrapped Up)

Last week we saw the placement of the Loggia Roof rafters.  This week the rafters were sheathed with plywood and the roof framing was finished, including the extensive and finely finished soffit lookouts.  Here we are midway through the sheathing process:


And even closer to half-way, the sheathing is trimmed flush to the ridge beam:

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