Week 133 (Annex Windows)

This week I’m choosing to highlight the progress we’re making on the Annex.  Six months ago, the north face of the main studio was transformed as five 500-lb windows were carefully installed into the masonry voids.  This week a much lighter task awaited, as four lithe double-casement windows slipped effortlessly into place:

While the physical installation is now complete, they are not yet trimmed or finished.  When that’s done they will look very much like they match the Cypress of the soffits.

Here’s a view of the operable windows from the inside:

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Week 132 (North Patio, Part 1)

The North Patio is something very special to me.  It was not part of the initial drawings, but was an element of the design that grew organically as the studio took shape.  By opening up some space beyond the booth windows, it helps to balance the scale of the nature that surrounds the building with the rooms that can look out into it.  Moreover, it provides an excellent place to enjoy the beautiful north elevation of the studio, which is not so easy to appreciate when you are knee-deep in meadow.

The construction of the North Patio is relatively straightforward, except for the fact that in addition to the 1000+ sq ft of water run-off that it creates itself, it catches an additional 3000+ sq ft of water run-off from the north-facing roof facets.  All of this had led to some extensive drainage planning and implementation, most of which was completed (for the patio) last week.  This week, then, is the small matter of just preparing the forms into which the concrete will be poured, and then pouring and working the actual slab.  Here’s where we started the week:

And here is where we finished:

Naturally, there’s much more to this story, and the many other tasks that were completed this week…

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Week 130 (QR Wires Dressed, Part 1)

For several weeks the QR has been knee-deep in one sort of wire or another, like a meadow that’s grown well past the capabilities of the average lawnmower.  Here’s where we were three weeks ago, with about half of the wiring pulled:

And here’s where we are this week, with a good bit of the wires were dressed and the floor swept clean:

And I do mean clean:

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