Week 177 (Starting the Pergola)

Last week’s post reported that construction was gearing up for the final push.  This week we are pushing hard.  A final (?) visit from the crane delivered the last major pieces of steel to be installed, a pair of pre-welded hexagonal steel columns each connected by a pre-welded flitch plate across the top:

Here is a detail of the steel showing a column marking “C” (of A, B, C, and D) welded into the flitch plate: Continue reading “Week 177 (Starting the Pergola)”

Week 176 (The Grass Is Always Greener)

It has been 8 weeks since my last construction blog update, and with another flurry of construction now in progress, it is time for another post!

The big changes are mostly happening beyond the studio, starting with the landscaping that surrounds the Main building:

With the soil tilled and prepared down to a depth of 12″, the beds are ready for the grasses:

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Week 168 (North Patio Steps)

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted any progress photos, mainly because most of our construction work is again invisible: caulking, sealing, repainting, etc.  However, one aspect of the project has been visible, and is now completed: the steps that connect the North Patio with the path that circles property.  Three weeks ago, our West and North Patios met up for the first time, and work began on making the foundation for the steps.  The transformation has been from this:

to this:

to this:

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Week 164 (Glass Diffusors)

Last week was all about getting the console commissioned. This week was all about getting the rest of the Control Room finished, notably the glass diffusors.  Two years ago this month I published a posting titled “A prototype” and this week that prototype became an actual installation.  The prototype:


The final result:

Their amazing beauty is not easily obtained…

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Week 163 (Commissioning the API Vision)

Nearly three months ago we chose the week of February 14th as the date for commissioning our API Vision console.  And every day since then had been a sprint to get ready for that date.  Along the way we hit innumerable obstacles, and every time we needed a do-over, we’d have to redouble our efforts to make that schedule.  But on February 14th, we had enough pieces in place to begin the process we’d been anticipating for literally years.  After one last look at the holes in our Control Room,

it was time to take off the wrap and see the beast:

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Week 162 (Prep for API Console)

If this blog posting appears to be a little bit late, it’s because last week was a long week.  Nevertheless, the preparations were successful, and so here are the construction photos for the last bit of work before installing the console.

To finish the Music Room, we had to install our swining “bifusor” panels.  These panels are diffusive on one side and absorptive on the other.  Here you can see the diffusive side:


The fit, finish, and operation of the panels is, like everything else in the studio, a delight to the eye and a joy to touch.  And it was good exercise lifting them into position…

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