Week 158 (Music Room Floor, 2nd Coat)

Two weeks ago I gushed about how much more beautiful one coat of Tung Oil made the Music Room floor.  Well, it looks even better with a second treatment:

And a slightly wider view:

As tempting as it is to linger on that subject all day, there are other bits of progress to report.  Early in the week, fabric started going up in Sound Lock 2:

By the end of the week, fabric was up in both Sound Locks:

The Loggia doors now have glass in them:

As cold as it has been (and it has been quite cold), the digging has begun for our final landscaping feature: a series of three reflecting pools.  Here the ground is being prepared for the slab that will support them:

Less glamorous, but still important, gas lines are routed and installed for our water heater:

Separately, our ductless split is wired to and through the Annex:

Hydronics, QR terminations, steel plate fabrication for supporting the console legs…all these are also things that have been happening, but unseen by the camera.  Will we be done with the Main in 6 weeks?  Well, six weeks ago we were here:

Now we are here:

It is a change!


Author: Michael Tiemann

Open source pioneer. Red Hat Executive. UNCSA Trustee. Ninja.

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