Construction photos: week 17 (electrical conduits)

Hooray! The AC power conduits are now making tracks:

As you can see, there are no small number of conduits providing power throughout the studio. We’ll have 200A of clean, balanced power, where every junction box has its own home run and its own star ground wire, 200A of “dirty” power, for lighting, appliances, and other things that don’t belong in the audio circuits, and 200A of power for HVAC, radiant heating, etc. And our goal it to make all this plentiful power carbon neutral.

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Construction photos: week 16 (new footings)

This past week saw very little in the way of visible change, at least from the perspective of my photos, but the gravel pile shrunk by 50%, so something must have happened. Actually, the main change was that new footings were dug for walls that have evolved from drywall to masonry. I took some pictures from those footing holes, but not of those footing holes. Doh! In any case, the new wall design will give us better acoustics (isolation) and better aesthetics (consistency and integrity), and because the walls are so small, not much more cost.

Here are a pair of pictures showing very subtle differences in the level of gravel fill now evident in the booths and the Music Room:

Topped Up Booths

Music Room From New Bath Footings

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Construction photos: week 15 (gravel fill)

This week marks an important milestone in the progress of pouring the slab: the gravel is in!

I’m not sure if the picture properly conveys just how “full” the foundation now looks, but it was quite a shock to see the level up to the minus-8″ level. As for the rest of the pictures…

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Construction photos: week 14

In the past two weeks the Triangle got something we’ve been needing for a year: lots of rain. Good for the plants and the earth, not so good for construction. But with now nearly 12″ of rain replenishing the groundwater (and 12′ or more of water runoff filling the local reservoirs), we were happy when the rain stopped and the crew could get back to work.

As you saw in the previous photos, the site was quite exposed in week 12. By the time I got back to the site, things were pretty much put back together, although there’s still plenty of evidence both of the progress that was made and the infrastructure that’s being laid. Compare this lovely spring panorama with the mayhem two weeks ago:

Spring Panorama

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Construction photos: week 12

After (the short) week 11, things really got moving in week 12, in an “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” kinda way. It turns out that a network of 30+ 4″ PVC pipes is just not that simple, and in order to handle the (minimal) pipe-crossing that the design required, we needed to define at least two distinct levels for the pipes to travel. The problem is that the 4″ PVC is about thick enough that those two levels cannot both be above the footings. So the backhoe came back to dig some trenches…lots of them:


But instead of getting all bummed out about the number of foundation walls dismantled for the backhoe’s work (or because they were crushed as the backhoe rode across them), let’s look at the progress that was made. First, Grand Central is now starting to look real:

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Construction photos: week 11

After laying down the strings to demarcate the wiring paths, it was time for the construction crew to turn design into reality.

As you can see in the wiring plan, there are two prime areas of complexity: Grand Central (which lives under the large control room window) and the audio eQuipment Room (which we call the QR. The first week after laying down the string was mainly concerned with transition and logistics: getting the 4″ PVC Pipes, the gravel, and other prep work.

But there was also some progress made on the beginning of the matrix of pipes that will connect Grand Central with the console patchbays:

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Construction photos: week 10

My apologies that there was no week 9. There was no visible progress as most of the work was finalizing the order for the blocks. The order is in, and we expect deliveries in about 4 weeks and the last blocks to be delivered by the end of April. Yipee!

This week we finished the wiring plan, down to the point of actually placing nails and string where pipe conduit is to go. The updated wiring plan looks something like this:

wireplan-24×36.pngFull 24×36 3/16 scale plan

And here’s what it all looks like in real life:

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Construction photos: week 7 (screed level nearly done)

The masons got an amazing amount of work done last week, I have the photos to prove it!

First, do you remember my Week 5 photos showing all the gray block on the site? Well most of those pallets are now here:
Empty Pallets

Many of them went to the garage:
Garage Entrance Garage, North View
The blocks are covered in plastic because the forecast was for rain and the mortar was still a bit “green”. But the garage walls were not the only ones being built up this past week, as you can see from this view of the overall site:

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Construction photos: week 6 (first mitered corners and block diagrams)

This past week was one of much work and little visible progress. On the construction site, the masons gave their new saw some more exercise, but it developed a wobble and needed to be rebuilt. By the end of the week they had managed to build two two-course corners at the foundation level. One of the mitered corners is pictured here:

Mitred corner at west edge of Music Room

Actually, the picture shows several features of the planned masonry construction.

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