Dear Governor Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo is a new documentary film by Jon Bowermaster.  It has been screened at theaters in New York and been received with standing ovations.  How did this happen?


In yet another cosmic coincidence, Jon’s favorite dialog editor, Jacques Boulanger was in North Carolina during the brunt of Hurricane Sandy before the audio for the film had been finalized. His rooms in NYC were without power just before a critical editing deadline. We invited him to audition the Studio Annex, which he immediately loved. After delivering the dialog improvements he promised (on time!), Jon asked whether similar improvements could be made to the music mixing–which is very much the beating heart of the film. Ian Schreier rolled up his sleeves and delivered those to Jon last week. Today, Jacques and Ian are marrying their respective mixes under Jon’s supervision.

We wish Jon and his team the best of success with the movie in 2013!

Author: Michael Tiemann

Open source pioneer. Red Hat Executive. UNCSA Trustee. Ninja.

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