Week 150 (Booth A Wood Trim)

With Booth B’s wood trim being finished last week, it’s probably no surprise that this week we finished the wood trim for Booth A:

It looks gorgeous, but because it is wood, it looks different from every angle:

And looking in the other direction:

In keeping with our aesthetic of uniformity, the TopAkoustik material extends down to the underside of the soffits:

A fine, nearly finished product:

While the wood has been going up in Booth A, the 705 has been going up in Booth B:

Finally, Booth B is acoustically complete.  Of course the 705 will be filled with fabric, but that won’t change the sound from what we now have today:

In other exciting news, the Music Room floor is really close to completion.  Here the flooring crew are sorting out the last few diamonds:

And by the end of the week, work begins on the wood border around the rhombille floor:

The huge pile of TopAkoustik that’s covered in the center of the photo will go into the soffits, and the remaining wood will fill out the border:

We’re being careful to use all our materials as best we can.  Here you can see a few pieces of wood that were used as samples to qualify our choice of Tung Oil as a finishing material.  When the floor is finished, they will all look rich and dark:

It’s hard to imagine, but soon these will be going home (or, more likely, to another job site):

Speaking of things getting finished up, the wiring in the Control Room is another chapter that’s just about done:

But as some work draws to a close inside, more work outside is ramping up.  A major drainage network is finished:

Here’s a view that shows a bit more of the pipes:

The amount of infrastructure required is staggering:

But day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, we get closer to the goal.  The patio, too, is back on the job list.  Here the forms are being put into place for our next three pours:

Across another axis:

And lo, another 10 diamonds are added to the patio while the forms move to define the next pour, scheduled for Monday:

Next week we should see a remarkable reduction in terms of dust inside the building, with a similarly remarkable increase in the area of our West Patio.  I look forward to it!

Author: Michael Tiemann

Open source pioneer. Red Hat Executive. UNCSA Trustee. Ninja.

2 thoughts on “Week 150 (Booth A Wood Trim)”

  1. A reduction in dust, you say? Then are you not sanding the floor in the music room? I nearly drowned in dust when I sanded the wood floor in my kitchen!

  2. I’ve been watching the progress for weeks, and it’s really looking beautiful.

    I’m curious about the floor treatment. It’s looking great, but having been involved in studio design for years, the wear and tear on a studio floor is considerable and I’m wondering if it’s planned to update/replace or to use some additional protective measures. Loading in equipment, cabs, keys racks, drum cases etc. have always trashed studio floors which is why they’re often covered by replaceable material; often hard rubber matting, vinyl etc.

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