Week 128 (Panel Installs, Part 1)

This week and next we’re installing electrical panels…and lots of them.  The Main Distribution Panel (MDP) is for 800A service, and it’s about as tall as I am:

But there are many panels in many places now being installed…

Here you can see several panels that have been installed into the Large Equipment Corral:

By next week we should have actual power flowing through actual panels for at least some branches of the electrical system.  This will be a big upgrade from how we bring power into the building right now!

In other news, 6300 pounds of insulation fill scheduled for the Annex roof has been delivered.  Here are two pallets still on the truck:

Two more with the forklift:

Yet more parked in the Garage:

These gray blocks get ground up one at a time and blown into the rafters to ultimately achieve R-39 insulation (with furring):

The first few rafters are filled:

I’m guessing there’s between one week and two of blowing before every rafter has been filled.

In the mean time, the duct work is filling out in Booth A, with two supply ducts now positioned in front of the single return duct:

In the Music Room we have a full scale model of the bathroom layout, with door swings, the 60″ ADA circle, blocks, conduit locations, door framing material etc.:

We want to be really sure we don’t have to move any walls to meet code on this one!

Meanwhile, some new design ideas are brewing around the Loggia…stay tuned for more details!

Author: Michael Tiemann

Open source pioneer. Red Hat Executive. UNCSA Trustee. Ninja.

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