Week 39 (A mile of conduit)

I was kinda hoping to be able to report on one milestone (the pouring of the concrete slab), but I have a different one to report, based on news from our electrical contractor: we have now installed approximately one mile of conduit into what will be the slab.  There’s over 1000 feet of 4″ conduit for technical wiring, and another 4000+ feet of electrical conduit for power and lighting.  And now we’re getting ready to install the conduit for condenser lines.


Here’s the penetration for the condenser lines:


Ironically I saw a huge pile of piles laying on the garage wall and I didn’t snap a picture because I thought I’ve already got that. Wrong…there’s about 10x more that that just for the condenser lines!

Needless to say, the sooner we can pour the slab the sooner we can stop laying pipe.

Author: Michael Tiemann

Open source pioneer. Red Hat Executive. UNCSA Trustee. Ninja.

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