There seems to be a general consensus that the two fundamental governors of capital market behavior are fear and greed. I believe that a new kind of capitalism can be implemented based on two other levers: curiosity and generosity. When things are not working, we can be curious and discover new solutions. When things are working, we can share our abundance. Thoughts?

New Blog Host:

I have moved my blog over to  It’s not that I didn’t like the previous hosting service, but they sent me a note saying they’d no longer be responsible for providing free hosting, and I could not be bothered to fight with them about that.

The transition has not been perfect.  I started off doing something incredibly bone-headed, which made it impossible for me to export my blog.  I then fixed that, but then other problems made the imports not work as expected (or not work at all).  The support team were responsive, and after several iterations, they were able to import my 199 posts and have all my images hosted on their site.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that all of my photos have been renamed slightly, which means that any references out there on the web are likely to wind up with Error 404, until they can be fixed to point to the right places.

That is indeed a bummer.  But I that’s about as good as it’s going to get, I’m afraid.

I will miss the direct SQL access I had from my own hosting service, but I would miss even more not being able to post any new blog entries.

Construction photos: week 12

After (the short) week 11, things really got moving in week 12, in an “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” kinda way. It turns out that a network of 30+ 4″ PVC pipes is just not that simple, and in order to handle the (minimal) pipe-crossing that the design required, we needed to define at least two distinct levels for the pipes to travel. The problem is that the 4″ PVC is about thick enough that those two levels cannot both be above the footings. So the backhoe came back to dig some trenches…lots of them:


But instead of getting all bummed out about the number of foundation walls dismantled for the backhoe’s work (or because they were crushed as the backhoe rode across them), let’s look at the progress that was made. First, Grand Central is now starting to look real:

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